All children in Alabama deserve an equal opportunity for a quality education.  Our public school system is the very foundation of our American Dream.  We are all stronger when education is a priority and students are allowed to thrive. 

  • I will fight to make sure that all children have a strong early childhood education, with a focus on reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.
  • I will fight attempts to weaken our public school systems by diverting public school funds to private institutions or to non-education entities.
  • I will fight for strong math, science, and technology programs in our schools. They are critical for success in our communities.
  • I will fight for literature and the arts in our school systems. They are our shared culture and define the human spirit.
  • I will fight for public school athletic programs. Strong bodies are as important as strong minds in the education of our children. 
  • I will fight for effective high school career guidance programs that will help our students find the best path into adulthood, whether it be college or advanced technical training.
  • I will fight for the expansion of school nurse and psychologist services to meet the physical and mental challenges our students face.
  • I will fight for safety in our schools so our children can focus on learning and will return home each day to the families that love them.
  • I will fight for affordable education after high school graduation. All students should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and become productive members of society without crippling debt.
  • I will fight to support our teachers who devote themselves to enriching the lives of our children. We should honor our commitment to them.

Jobs & Economic Growth


We can all agree that a strong economy helps our families prosper and that the economy should work for everyone.  The backbone of a strong economy is access to good-paying jobs and an environment that promotes economic investment. 

  • I will fight to drive economic growth by providing balanced and transparent incentives to encourage national and international businesses to relocate to our area.
  • I will fight to support existing businesses and help them develop solutions to the challenges they face.
  • I will fight for high speed internet access throughout the district so we can attract new business and support existing businesses.
  • I will fight for better roads, bridges, power supplies, and water/wastewater systems that can provide for our growing economy. 
  • I will fight for maximizing our tourism industry to promote economic growth for the citizens of North Alabama. 
  • I will fight for family farms and farmers who face undue burdens from foreign competition and increasing operational costs.  
  • I will fight for consumer and environmental protections that will make our communities attractive for entrepreneurship and economic expansion.  
  • I will fight to eliminate taxes on groceries so Alabama families will not have an undue economic burden putting food on the table. 
  • I will fight for equal pay for equal work.  
  • I will fight against wasteful spending in our government and corporate corruption that hurts our citizens.


Every citizen deserves affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare options. As a society, we need to make sure that everyone receives the care they need.

  • I will fight for an insurance system that works more efficiently and brings down costs.
  • I will fight for better access to healthcare in under-served areas of the district.  I will champion satellite county health department offices, rural hospitals, and mobile clinics. 
  • I will fight to protect Medicare and honor our commitment to our senior citizens. 
  • I will fight to improve our failed mental healthcare system. A robust mental healthcare network will decrease school and workplace violence, reduce the number of incarcerations, and increase all areas of  human productivity.
  • I will fight against profiteering and price gouging by pharmaceutical companies.  
  • I will fight for paid family leave so no one has to choose between a critically ill family member and a paycheck.
  • I will fight for the elimination of unnecessary paperwork currently required by healthcare providers. This burden increases administrative costs and limits interactions between patients and providers.
  • I will fight to develop partnerships with premier institutions, such as University of Alabama Birmingham Medical Center, to establish satellite facilities in North Alabama.