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My name is Lora Kay Morrow and I am running to represent the citizens of Alabama State House District 2. The reason I decided to enter this race is simple - I love North Alabama and the people who live here. We deserve to have a representative who will work hard every day to make our community a better place.  

I promise to do just that!

For the past 10 months, I’ve been speaking with people all across the valley to learn about the issues that affect their daily lives - issues like education, job opportunity, and healthcare. We need to be working across Party lines to find real solutions to these challenges.

Together, we can make that happen!

And don’t forget to vote this Tuesday, November 6th!


Lora’s Plan
for Expanding Economic Opportunities

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Here are Lora’s top 3 priorities…


High speed internet access is VITAL to our economy and we can no longer play the waiting game, just hoping our district will get service. We need leadership who will work every day to make this a reality.

  • There are so many places in House District 2 that do not have reliable cell phone service, high speed internet, or cable television access.

  • This is not just an inconvenience. This is an economic hardship.

  • Workforce development, educational opportunities, and business creation depend on digital service access.  

We need more good-paying jobs. We need to be a place where businesses want to locate --- What business wants to move to an area where they can’t check their email, let alone run a 21st century business?

We also need to be a place that supports opportunities for our people to start their own businesses or have the choice to work remotely via the Internet, while raising their families right here in North Alabama. We need access to first class educational and professional growth opportunities --- many of which are available online.

All of these things are within reach for every one of us, IF we are able to secure high speed internet access for our entire district.

This is not just a rural issue! The entire North Alabama region needs more GOOD-PAYING job opportunities that will allow people to support their families and thrive. Securing internet access will benefit everyone.

Here’s a question Lora is often asked:

What will you do to help get the internet to rural parts of northern Lauderdale county? Comcast goes down both sides of the road I live on, but refuses to come down our street...

Her response:

I have been talking to so many people about this issue -the Rogersville Chamber of Commerce, local mayors, Charter Communications, etc. Everyone says it's on the list, but that is not acceptable.

If I am elected, this is my FIRST priority for economic development. The entire district needs high speed internet access. My opponent does not understand this. Our students have Chromebooks, but can't use them at home. Businesses will never locate to the area if they can't even have access to email. This is not a luxury. It is a needed infrastructure.

I will be in touch with the service providers to demand that coverage be added to the eastern parts of Lauderdale County and the western areas of Limestone County immediately. I will work with other elected officials to bring service to all parts of both counties outside District 2. If Comcast, Charter, AT&T, etc. refuse to provide service in a timely manner, we may need to re-evaluate contracts for the Florence and Athens areas as a motivator for these companies.


Equipping our workforce with the training
and educational foundation that our people deserve.

Many good-paying jobs require vocational or technical training. Our schools must expand on the training they currently offer students. We need to improve our career tech high school offerings and increase workforce development options in our area.

Alabama is home to the best pre-K program in the country, but our state only makes it accessible to 32% of the children who are eligible. We need to fully fund pre-K so our kids get the best possible start.

I support a statewide vote on an Education Lottery, and would work to create a rock solid plan for how that money would be used specifically to pay for both workforce development and a fully-funded Pre-K for all children.


Expanding Medicaid would be the largest
jobs expansion bill ever!

  • It will bring $1.8 billion into our healthcare system

  • It will provide much-needed affordable health care options for our citizens

  • It will create an estimated 30,000 new jobs throughout the state!

A healthy population is a productive population that can add to the economic stability of our state. Alabama is ranked 47th in the nation for health care. We are in a medical and economic crisis.  This is a problem that affects all of us. We have the highest infant mortality rate in the nation, and the main reason is a lack of health care.


For more information, see the Issues page of this website.

There you will find details on where Lora stands on the issues that are important to our communities. She also lays out her priorities of what she will work for as your Representative in Montgomery.


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